The progression of the Construction of the Seminary Building

The work of the construction of the building of our Seminary is moving fast, and we confer this to the intercession of our powerful patroness, Our Lady, The Immaculate Conception, which has gathered us some generous donations, from our pious benefactors.

We continue to do all we can at the end of this year, in order to have more structured classrooms, and, God willing, to double our capacity to receive and welcome new seminarians for next year.

Once the classes are over and with more free time, we ourselves, the seminarians, have helped in the progress of the works.

We work, but we also pray, especially for the parishioners and for the generous benefactors who have helped us a lot. May God reward everyone!

“Divine Providence never abandons us. Providence continually makes us know with what love Jesus accompanies and helps us.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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    Deo gratias


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