Feast of the Holy Cross

September 14th, Feast of the Holy Cross. “We preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles,” said St. Paul. The Apostle said folly refering not only to a situation related to that specific time in history, because even today the Cross seems insanity to many. The cross was used by Romans as a punishment for evildoers, and it was the worst torment seen in the Roman Empire. The history as it was told is enough to comprehend how the cross is perceived as an insanity by those who wouldn’t accept it. But to the faithful this vision is different because carrying the day by day cross is not seen as folly, once all suffering in Christ is raised to the highest degree of prayer and offering to the Father. What was the symbol of scandal and insanity became a radiant banner of glory. “Clarifica me Pater,” and it was, indeed, on the cross that the Son was glorified, crushing evil and sin through His suffering. However, the Tree of the Holy Cross can only be seen as glory by those who know how to embrace it with Christ, the only one who can change death into life, making it not only a symbol, but as a path to eternity.

Just like every christian, and to a greater degree, the priest must know how to embrace the cross and worship it as a true instrument of salvation. That is why we seek to live our lives in the Seminary with the spirit of faithfulness and abandonment to the cross of Our Lord, in such way that we were able to spend this day with intensity. The mass was celebrated gloriously, not as a sign of folly or scandal, but noticing that through the altar of the Mass the graces flow from the Heart of Jesus. At the end of the Holy Mass, which was chanted, the rector gave us a blessing with the relic of the true Cross. “Adoramos te Christe et benedicimus tibi, quia per sanctam crucem tuam redesmiti mundum!”

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